What We Do

They say that the devil is in the details. And for us, the detail is what makes the design. Hence, we emphasise a lot on detailing to give you a space that is a reflection of you. So, what we do is as important as how we do it. We majorly deal in commercial and residential spaces that are unique, innovative, and styled with great precision.

Commercial Spaces

While you work, we make your office space work for you

Office settings are usually very professional. So, how does designing really fit there? If you ask us, office designs are mainly based on two factors—form and functionality. We take both these factors into consideration to give office spaces that are brimming with ideas and optimism. Our belief lies in the fact that some of the best work happens in a space that’s inspiring, inviting, innovative, and lets your creative juices flow. Keeping in mind your choices, we give you futuristic and innovative designs that resonate with the work that you do

Residential Spaces

Home is where the heart is, and where our designs are

Some spaces make you want to come home and never leave it, and we intend to design such homes. Through sheer efforts and experience, we introduce elegance into our designs. We believe that every home generates a vibe, and we wish to induce that positive vibe into your homes through our designs. Our expert craftsmanship is such that your homes are oozing with great energy and enthusiasm. Our designs give your homes a luxurious feel and fit within your budget.

The Grid Interior gives you the spaces you desire and deserve.